The smallest things make the bigger picture

Video by Margaux Monzée


Through this video, I am sharing my sensorial approach of the natural reserve, Wittenbergener Heide. Thus I decided to show some elements, small ones that constitute the area and that in my sense make the landscape of Wittenbergener Heide so interesting, beautiful and special.

With this presentation I hope to make you travel right into the place and make you realise (and feel) what has been my sensorial journey in the place. To do so, in this video, I am presenting to you how I discovered the area, what I have been particularly sensible, what I have grasped and which ones of my senses where put in exergue.

As for me it’s the smallest who says the biggest things on a landscape, most of the picture are in micro and macro format, and those are presented in chronological order. I also add some comments, reflecting what struck me, puzzled me or simply what I was thinking.

So, with these and a bit of imagination I hope you will be able to enjoy and experience with most of your senses the same journey I made through the natural reserve.


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