Observing the evolution of the fauna and flora of the pond

Ein Beitrag von Mélanie Girault und Clarisse Jouan

While observing the pond, its animal life, its vegetation, and the evolution of them in terms of colors, reflections in the pond, lights,… We thought about a minimalist intervention. A path already exists on the slopes around the pond, but the pond is not visible because of trees. I didn’t want to destroy them, neither to build something at the water’s edge. Indeed, these spots are propitious of the development of the animal and vegetal nature, and it is precisely what can be observed as fauna and flora evolution. The idea then would be to dig only a few steps next to the way, what could permit to the user to be between the trees, where there is an open view on the pond, and allow him to observe this evolution from the nearest.

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Quelle der Bilder von Claude Monet: Wikimedia Commons

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