Tides and Water

A contribution by Iulia Miclea and Andra Nicolescu

Scanned Documents

Our interest laid in designing a medium that will influence / change the perception of the water/tides. Three different mediums were chosen: 1.Sound, 2.Light, 3.Color.

Scanned Documents

1. SOUND continuous vs discontinuous

Applying low frequency sound waves not to far above the water, the movement of the water abruptly changes its flow from a continuous movement to a discontinuous movement. The perception changes based on the tide levels – At high tide, the view of the water is almost right at eye level, therefore rather an intense one to one experience. At low tide, the water level is down to the feet, therefor the perception is subject to be different.

2. LIGHT sharp vs undefined

By placing a light source above the water and several other solid objects inside/above the water (depending on the tide), the light will reflect on one surface and consequently bounce of every surface. Depending on the tide and the weather (foggy, clear) the perception of the objects and light source will become subject to change.

3. COLOR become aware of water volume/level

By applying a pigment to the water, the awareness of the water volume and tides is raised. When the tide is low, the water stop at foot hight and the feet are painted yellow. However when the tide is high, the person is submerged/wearing the water. The color allows to paint the body so that the person recognizes the water content.

Scanned Documents


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